Supporting the youth athletic programs of the Oxford Hills

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We are committed to helping athletic programs thrive in the Oxford Hills community, which may include providing loans or grants to various sports programs if funding permits. Loans must be repaid, interest free, to OHAB, while grants do not need to be repaid.  

Loan and grant requests are evaluated based on financial need, ability of the team or program to raise their own funds, and the team or program's commitment to helping OHAB's youth programs in return.



Loan and Grant Request Process

The following individuals may request a loan or grant from OHAB:

  • District Coaches (including High School and Middle School Coaches)
  • District Athletic Director
  • Any other individual who is interested in establishing a new Boosters sports program


To request a loan or grant:

1. Complete the Loan and Grant Application. Return completed application and all required attachments to OHAB via email or regular mail.

2. Contact OHAB at and request to be added to the agenda for the next monthly meeting.

3. Attend the next scheduled meeting prepared to discuss your application; specifically:

  • Purpose and amount of funds requested
  • Timeframe funds are needed
  • Preliminary budget of income and expenses, including expected sources of income
  • Timeframe of repayment (loans only)
  • Explanation of commitment to help fundraise (grants only). Commitment may come in the form of:
    • Volunteer support of current OHAB fundraisers
    • New fundraising ideas
    • Matching funds.  This would be funds already raised, not future fundraising which competes with OHAB fundraising efforts
    • Other

4. OHAB Members will discuss the information as requested and vote on the proposal. 

5. OHAB Board Members will determine the final terms of the loan or grant with consideration to current funding commitments and balance of funds.