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Here you will find information about the website features used most commonly by OHAB Program Coordinators. More detailed help  topics, FAQs, and tutorials are available on the League Athletics website:

  • Coaches Guide (redirects to League Athletics) | Add team news, email team, add games and practices, add results, edit member info, assign rosters, edit facilities, add events, upload photos, upload documents
  • FAQs (redirects to League Athletics) | Frequently Asked Questions
  • Help Docs (redirects to League Athletics) | Detailed help documentation on all website features

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Online Registration

Record Cash or Check Payments

View Outstanding Member Balances

Team Page


Send mass emails and text messages

  1. Click Admin > Messaging Email Members. The Find Members page appears.
  2. From the Report Type menu, select desired communication method
  3. Select / input desired messaging criteria.  If sending to ALL registered participants, select the desired program from the menu at the bottom of the page. The Compose a Message page appears.
  4. Input information as applicable. Preview and/or test the message, if desired.
  5. Click Send when finished

Online Registration

Systems Requirements Note: Users must have software capable of opening CSV and/or XML file formats in order to download registration data. Examples include Microsoft Excel (for PCs) or Numbers (for Apple OS X and iOS).

View individual player bios

  1. Click Admin > Reports > Reports Home
  2. Click Download Registration Data
  3. Select desired program, then click Bios
  4. An "OHABA Bio Template" has already been created as the default template. From the Action menu, click Generate.
  5. Player bios will appear in a new browser window. Print or Save as desired.

View list of registered participants and payment status

  1. Click Admin > Reports > Reports Home
  2. Click Download Registration Data
  3. Select desired program, then click List
  4. Click on participant's name to view registration information

Download data for registered participants

  1. Click Admin > Reports > Reports Home
  2. Click Download Registration Data
  3. Select desired program, then click Download
  4. Select desired report options, then click Download Report

Record Cash and Check Payments

Once members have been registered or recorded in our database, you can add manual payments to their account.

To manually apply a payment:

  1. Go to Admin > Members > Registration System.
  2. Select the registration program where the member is registered, then click List.


  3. On the resulting page, click the green "+$" icon to the right of the person's registration balance to apply a payment.


  4. Enter the amount paid and check number (if applicable), or type "cash"  in this box. Once submitted, their payment and amount due will be updated.


View Outstanding Member Balances

  1. Click Admin > Members > Balance Report.  A listing of all unpaid balances will appear.
  2. Use the Filter button to refine your search by program or # days old, then click Search.


Team Page

Customize and update team page

Note: The OHAB website administrator will create master team pages for each program (e.g. Soccer, Football, Tennis, etc.).

  1. On the Home page, click Teams CHOOSE A TEAM
  2. Select applicable season
  3. Select applicable team
  4. Click the green + button to add a bulletin, insert links, videos, etc.